Sixty Seven Sensory of Sounds #2

Independent Archive & Resource Centre presents

67 Sensory of Sounds #2

Date: 16 March 2013
Time: 4:30 pm
Venue: 67 Aliwal Street S199942


Leslie Low: acoustic guitars, electric guitars, e-bow orchestra, melodica, phasey drone organ, Fender Rhodes, floor tom, ride cymbal, crash cymbal, tambourine, effects, field recordings, voices.

Vivian Wang: organ, celeste, various synths, piano, alto saxophone, Balinese flutes, finger cymbals, Chinese cymbals, Balinese cang cang, Thai cymbals, wood blocks, mini-Moog.

Vivian Wang and Leslie Low, both of The Observatory, recount childhood memories of mythological fantasy theme park called Haw Par Villa. First called Tiger Balm Garden, the odd but colorful attraction contained a strange mix of characters and familiar tales from Chinese mythology and folklore, mixed in with earthy depictions of modern life and the Chinese concept of hell. The mutual love and dread of the park is told over eight recordings. Voice, guitar, percussion and other traditional instrumentation weave a cloth of surreal bliss, eeriness and horror.


noise meets drone and spiritualism.

Dharma (from The Observatory) and Shaun Sankaran (of Dream State Vision and MindFuckingBoy) make up the duo formed in July 2012.

Chöd (pronounced as ‘Cho’, with a silent D), the name comes from a Tibetan Buddhism practice, which means ‘cutting through the ego’ or ‘dissolving of the ego’. The duo combines spirituality, the art of ancient chants with analog and electronic noise taking one back to early man, invoking the process of purification from within.

ARCN TEMPL & CHOD will be closing their regional tour here at the IARC on the above date. Check out the listing of places they’ve been to on tour and check them out here on Saturday, the 16th March 2013 at 4:30pm!