A Modest Affair: Fundraiser for the Independent Archive

The Independent Archive is an intimate nook that houses documentation on performance art and where performance artists and musicians play. The Archive is organising a small fundraiser to keep itself running. Thirteen artists have provided works that will be sold or auctioned. These artists include those well known in the art community, including Lee Wen, Jason Lim, Kai Lam, Ezzam Rahman, Jacquelyn Soo and Wu Junhan.

The Archive supports the work of artists, curators, gallerists, musicians, scholars and other creative entrepreneurs. It collects documentation and other materials on performance art and its artists in Singapore. These range from paper documents to photographs and videos, and have enabled the art community and its researchers to look back on the history of the art with a sense of empiricism. Australian curator Kyla McFarlane’s exhibition, “Notes on Performance”, at Objectifs in August and September last year was based in part on the materials in the archival collection.

In addition, the Archive hosts other events that develop critical discourse in local art. The last months of 2014 saw the Archive hosting meetings for the Zentai performers who most recently showed at The Substation, and organising talks featuring artists Loo Zihan and Shawn Chua. The talks were attended largely by members of the art community, who brought practice-informed critique to the discussions.

To continue contributing to the arts in Singapore, the Independent Archive will hold a modest sale and silent auction of artworks from 17-25 January 2015, with programmes on 17 and 18 January. With sufficient support, the fundraiser will alleviate the burden of pecuniary pressures.

DATE: 17-25 Jan 2015
VENUE: Independent Archive, 67 Aliwal Street, Singapore 199942
WEBSITE: www.independentarchive.sg
EMAIL: info@independentarchive.sg


17 Jan, 6.00-9.00pm: Performance & Screening
Malvina Tan & Chand Chandramohan
Eng Kai Er
Archive Collection

18 Jan, 3.00-4.00pm: Yoga Class
Taught by Daniela Beltrani *
– $20/person, bring your own yoga mat
–  Minimum of 5 registrations for class to start. Please mail info@independentarchive.sg to register.

18 Jan, 6.00-9.00pm: Music
Music Anise
Ribena of Lost Weekend
The Little Giant
Kai Lam & Arif Ayab
Lee Wen

17-25 Jan, 1.00pm-9.00pm: Sale & Silent Auction of Artworks
Kai Lam
Lee Wen
Jason Lim
Jason Lee
Gerald Leow
Ben Puah
Liu Wenchao
Benjamin Ho
Dorcas Ng
Jacquelyn Soo
Wu Junhan
Ezzam Rahman
Pratchaya Phinthong


Follow the Money

Even when bootstrapping, the upkeep of the Archive has hefty costs. Your generosity will help us to pay for the following costs and to keep the artistic heritage of Singapore intact.

Research Residencies – $2,700

Dormant materials have to be used to be alive. Research residencies allow researchers to bring the Archive’s collection out into society and to keep them in the public consciousness.

Network-attached Storage (NAS) – $1065

Digital materials are fragile. Hard disks and computers fail. We want to safeguard the Archive’s digital materials and thereby the legacy of Singaporean art properly.

Volunteer care for 12 months – $360

Volunteers are a great help to an organisation with a severely limited number of staff. Volunteers help to index our materials and maintain the Archive in other ways. We would like to thank them in small ways if we can.

Better documentation equipment – $2000

The Archive has got only one Panasonic HDC-SD60 camcorder for documentation. It would be prudent to prepare for exigent circumstances.

Air-conditioning in main room – $2500

The Archive has a tiny air-conditioner tucked away in a corner. It is used only during events and is not strong enough for hot or even moderately hot days. While this would be comforting to have, it is prioritized lowest for now.

1 staff – $42,000

The Archive cannot function without staff.

Registration as a Company Limited by Guarantee – $615

Registering as a non-profit organisation provides legitimacy and accountability.

Rent – $30,000 (approx.)

Artist Wu Junhan describes space as “the final frontier” in Singapore. It is of paramount importance and comes at a premium.

Overheads – $500

Miscellaneous costs include light bulbs, detergent and paint.

Programmes – $4,800

Artist talks, workshops and other events transmit knowledge and develop practice.

Total – $86,540

The Archive requires this sum as an ideal, and will adjust according to the amount of actual proceeds. Do chip in where you can!