Talk by Andrew Quitmeyer (23 Mar 14): Attack of the Robot Duck, The Electric Condom Company, How to Be a Firefly and Other Stories

Andrew Quitmeyer

Andrew Quitmeyer’s exuberance was infectious.* At times, he quite nearly buoyed off the ground in excitement as he explained his ideas. It didn’t help that the projects he talked about assault the imagination with unexpectedly mischievous manipulations of behaviour. By the time he began describing how strolling naked through the forest with jelly smeared all over the body made people hyper aware of their surroundings, I was convinced his work and that of his peers needed to be heard by a wider audience.

Part ethnographer, part ethologist, part hacker, and fully polymath, Andrew’s work displays a performative bent that draws its audience into close interaction. Noticing that people enjoyed feeding ducks, for instance, he inverted their behaviour by building a giant duck that spat sweets out at people if they satisfied it with hot dance routines. By playing on the mundane habits of people and animals in such sly fashion, Andrew reveals aspects of our world that we seldom think about.

Andrew is in Singapore from Georgia Tech for a packed and much too short visit. The Independent Archive & Resource Centre is glad to take advantage of his generosity to give a talk on such short notice. We play host this coming Sunday to his expressive intellect and all are welcome.

Date: 23 March 2014, Sunday
Time: 6-8pm
Venue: 67 Aliwal Street, Singapore 199942
Admission is free.

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