Delphine Mae: Artist Talk and Workshop(s)

Artist Talk: 2000dreams, 2000 paths of art-performance making

Delphine Mae is an interdisciplinary artist who uses butoh and contemporary dance in performance art. She will speak about her art practice, which deals with subjects spanning identity, gender and culture. Informed by over 20 years of independent artistic practice around the world, Delphine’s work draws from diverse realms to describe a landscape of the self.

Date: 21 May 2014, Wed
Time: 7.30-9.30pm

Independent Archive & Resource Centre
67 Aliwal Street
Singapore 199942

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Workshop(s): Mind-Body Awareness Performance

Breathing/embracing/falling/standing/lying down, each radiates its own grace and force that connects us to the greater self and the wider environment surrounding us every day. Working with the body allows us to be the medium between different worlds, such as light and darkness, love and hate, social and cultural variants, and make us more aware of the multiple identities that live within and outside of the body.

In this workshop, we will focus on physicality, incorporate visualization exercises, attend to the minute micro-movements through slowness, then progress into vigour. Not only bodily movement, but we will have vocalization too.

A hybrid of body-mindwork techniques will be explored. For example: butoh, chakra energy work, incorporative yogic and voice-breathing techniques, mask work, and contemporary dance movements. There will also be basic performance elements such as levels, space orientation, and time sensitivity.

Working on the body-mind connection in this holistic manner, we will learn to pay attention to the physical self in its smallest details, from our facial muscles, through to the tips of our fingers and toes.

Where time allows, we may present to each other, get peer feedback as well as discuss topics that we find interesting.

This workshop is suitable for both beginners and those already working in the field of performance art who wish the explore the subject deeper. While you may register for either day, we recommend taking the full two-day course as they are designed to flow into each other progressively.

24 May 2014, 4-8pm: $75
25 May 2014, 5-8pm: $50
Both classes: $120, Student Rate $100
Limited to 10 participants per class

Independent Archive & Resource Centre
67 Aliwal Street
Singapore 199942

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Important Notes for Workshop Participants

1. Please bring a paper bag, about the size which can cover your head. And also 3 stones.

2. Please bring a placemat, like a big beach towel or yoga mat, if you are not used to lying on hard flooring. Do note that the Independent Archive is not a dance studio, hence it has conventional hard flooring.

3. Wear comfortable clothing that allows your to move and stretch. T-shirts and loose pants or sportswear are suggested. For floor movements, long sleeves and pants are the best. They help to protect you. It’s also preferable to remove any jewellery or piercings that might get caught in your own or others’ clothes.

4. If you have sensitive joints or old injuries, be sure  to wear extra layer to protect yourself.. E.g.: knee pads, leg warmers.

5. You may go barefoot, but if you prefer to wear shoes, please bring a pair of indoor shoes, in consideration of the floor cleanness for us everyone. Ballet shoes are okay, so are jazz shoes or sneakers, as long as you are comfortable to move in them. Socks are not recommended as they are slippery. Half-socks that only cover the front part of the feet is okay for experienced movers.

6. If you have long hair, please tie them up comfortably.

7. It is a good idea to bring a big bottle of water and a towel for sweat.

About the Artist

Born in Taiwan, Delphine is an interdisciplinary artist, performer, shaman energy worker, writer and poet. She studied at the National Institute of Arts in Taiwan (Dance) and holds degrees in Art History and Interdisciplinary Arts from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA, and an Advanced Diploma in Physical Theatre and Arts from Mimecentre, Helsinki, Finland. Delphine also studied in the Institute of European Studies in Vienna, and the Cite Universite’, Paris.

Delphine has been a resident artist across Europe, America and Asia. She has presented her work in the San Francisco International Butoh Festival & Performance Video Festival, 2011 Taipei International Fringe Festival, 2011 Treasure Hill Taipei Artist Village, 2012 TUNA (Taipei National University of the Arts), 2012 Vienna Soho In Ottakring Biennial, 2013 Taipei Hybrid Festival of Body and Sound, 2013 ARTOPIA Opening Performance and Exhibition, 2014 ICAS Institute of Contemporary Art Singapore, amongst others. Delphine often appears as an actress in films (eg: ShortsOnScreen, Crossing Europe, DocFest, Silkroad Digital) and her own Videowork MICRO was selected for the 2013 Europe ARTE Creative channel program.

Delphine won the 1998 John Price Award for promoting cross-culture understanding through arts and cultural events. She has been the artistic director of the international artist performance collective DADADA¡¡¡ since 2011.

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