Honey Exchange by Sumugan Sivanesan

‘Plan Bienen’ is an artistic research project by Sumugan Sivanesan and Tessa Zettel that investigates urban beekeeping in relation to dual crises in European economic systems and bee ecologies, within the context of Berlin’s post-reunification development as a multicultural ‘creative’ capital. Using the histories and present growing popularity of city bees as an entry point, the artists sought to map post-monetary economies, forms of exchange and emergent sociabilities occurring across Berlin’s food systems, community gardens, artist networks and hausprojekts. Responding to historical patterns of devaluing currencies, the artists initiated an exchange network in which honey was in used in lieu of money. In doing so the artists questioned notions of value, encouraged sociability and and aligned their efforts with the work of local bees.

Date: 7 Oct 2014, Tue
Time: 8.00–10.00pm
Venue:  Independent Archive & Resource Centre, 67 Aliwal Street Singapore 199942, Singapore
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‘Plan Bienen’ developed during a 3-month residency at ZK/U, Centre for Art and Urbanistics in Berlin, June – September 2014. Sumugan Sivanesan will be in Singapore in early October where he hopes to meet others working at the confluence of (social) science, art, food and politics.



Image courtesy of the artist.