One Man Nation – //gender|o|noise\\

Nomadic trangender experimental musician One Man Nation (a.k.a. Tara x) will give a presentation on her work processes, recent experiences and her work during the one week residency at the IARC.

“My recent researches have been focused a lot on relationships between spirits and sounds, music and trance, shamanism and dance. For such experiences I obviously looked deep into traditional music, old rituals and uses of music to transfigure the body to some other extents. It’s quite fascinating that such a person like Tara, who is involving herself so much in very advanced technology, could recall such ancient approaches to music. From this film made with her in Singapore, my ideas about bridges between technology and spirituality went further. What I had developed personally for a few years, this intuition that the ultimate goal of technology in our age is to help us to reconnect with our own blood, she was personifying it in the most incredible way.” – Vincent Moon (Press Release for Petites Planètes vol. 20)

6th April 2013 (Saturday), 7:30PM
67 Aliwal Street, Singapore 199942