Rizky Summerbee & The Honeythief


One night only, Yogya-based Risky Summerbee & the Honeythief will be in Singapore to play its brand of psych pop and literary rock. 21 June 2014, 7pm.

Donations of $10 at the door will go directly to the band to help defray travel and accommodation costs.

Organised by IARC, The Diarists, and Ujikaji.


Since its forming the band and the two albums released “The Place I Wanna Go” (2009) and “Preamble” (2011) and the upcoming 11 tracks studio album ‘Pillow Talk’, the band has become a prominent indie outfit with most lyrics in English and affiliations with other arts medium, be it their own performance or in collaborations namely with Teater Garasi’s (2008), Ruang Rupa (2010), Corrina Manara (theatre director 2009)

The band’s has performed in Shizuoka, Osaka (Japan), Esplanade (Singapore) and their involvement in Java RockingLand underlined their multigenre works from pop, blues, psychedelic rock and folk. Please find on the link below, the band at Java Rockin Land playing Flight to Amsterdam, which was written for Indonesia Human Rights Activist – Munir – who was murdered in 2004 during his flight to Amsterdam.

The band also possess a few singalong numbers – crowds favourite. This one is recorded at the French Cultural Centre in Jogjakarta – opening their ‘Inside Your Shoes’ tour 2008-2009. At a glance a Love Song, but it was intended to ponder the ever-so-recurring so-called civilization. Love-HAte-Love-Hate. War-Peace-War-Peace. Whatever, a nice tune altogether.’Slap and Kiss’

In March 2013, Cinemas throughout Indonesia saw an alternative film directed by Dirmawan Hatta. Starring heart-throb Rio Dewanto in ‘Optatissimus’ (2013). Not only the band did the music score for the mind-bending film, but one of audience sing-a-long folk number ‘Fireflies’ was the theme song to the movie. Furthermore, the band appeared in a scene featuring Andreas (Rio Dewanto) on accordeon. Their second involvement for the big screen was in January 2014 for their music contribution for the film ‘Aku dan Kau Cinta Indonesia’ (Me and You love Indonesia)

The song ‘Subterfuge’ was made for their beliefs in works for anti-corruption campaign. An initiative that was backed by Indonesia Corruption Watch (ICW). The song ‘Subterfuge’ is featured in an ICW compilation “Frekwensi Perangkap Tikus” (Mousetrap Frequency)

The videos below sees the inclusion of their forthcoming album, ‘Revolution’. Below recorded at prestigious Teater Salihara – Jakarta. The narrative was a playback from stage actor Theodorus Christanto..depicting the life of a street vendor, taken from the poet, Goenawan Mohammad’s famous essay. One of the song from 2012 was ‘Days Elapsed’ a love duet with Frau. Given that the band’s tendency to push further layers of interpretations, the song found a new context of two Indonesian 1998 Reform activists, who ponder on the Days Elapsed since the political turmoil of 1998 Indonesia

FLIGHT TO AMSTERDAM at Java Rockin Land 2009http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YMRIkYxockk

REVOLUTION – I WALK THE COUTRY MILE live at Salihara 2010http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S-098lt9Cto

THE PLACE I WANNA GO live in Surakarta http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zGckYZqgsQk

SLAP AND KISS at the French Cultural Centre Jogjakartahttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tVq53SKVpSk

SHE FLIES TOMORROW live at amphitheatre Taman Budaya Yogyakartahttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jpZBuGb-bbQ

FIREFLIES http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R48LlzVC-ko

FIREFLIES trailer for a feature film http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e_-b5ifUGfw


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