sixty seven sensory of sounds #5 | Kai Lam & Mohamad Riduan

67SOS#5 (Intervention of Electronic & Acoustic sounds):

In vitro Fertilision process for reproducing “New Sounds” through an intervention that would merge 2 different sources of sound base, the electronic & the acoustic. (a)Electronic Sound base [Kai Lam] (b)Acoustic Sound base [Mohamad Riduan].

Date / Time: 18 October 2013 / 1930 hrs

Venue: 67 Aliwal Street S199942

67SOS#5 zeroes in on the focus of acoustic sounds through local sound artist Mohamad Riduan, and electronic sounds through artist Kai Lam.

Apart from discussing their works, we will have an open dialogue with the artists where would they engage in a friendly debate discussing the contours of electronic sounds & acoustic sounds used in creating music, and/or sound art.

The event will showcase the works of the two artists in two parts individual set, followed by a final set where the two artists collaborates, merging electronic & acoustic sounds, creating a whole new sonic electronic/acoustic piece. Joining them for the final set will be a special guest from the Philippines Tengal, and 67SOS creator/curator Jordan Johari Rais, each of whom will be backing up on the electronic & acoustic sounds base for the set.

Kai Lam:
Kai Lam (A.K.A Singlish Punk) is a multi-disciplinary artist with a background in Sculpture. Kai Lam’s foray into aural works and sonic arts is a result of his extended practice in video, installation art and performance art.
He had started his formal training in visual arts in 1995 at Lasalle College of the Arts and in 2001 the artist was awarded a study grant from Lee Foundation and an education bursary from National Arts Council, and graduated from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology’s Bachelor of Arts. As an artist-organiser, he had initiated critical artists run projects like, Artists Investigating Monuments (1999), Future of Imagination (2003) and Rooted In The Ephemeral Speak (2009). Since 1999, He had traveled to different countries around Asia and Europe to present his performances and art projects.


Mohamad Riduan:
Mohamad Riduan has exhibited and performed in The Esplanade, Furor Space, The Substation, perform at a festival of World Event Young Artist in Nottingham, England and recently exhibited in Jendela the Esplanade in a two man show entitle Bridge:dari utara ke selatan with a Malaysian ceramic artist.
He is best known for his works of sound sculpture, performance art and experimental music. Riduan is also a memberof a collective group called OFFCUFF, a multi-disciplinary performance collective focusing on structured improvisation incorporating dual visual projections and dual sound components.


Videos of guest artists appearing specially for this event:


Jordan Rais:


The (WATER/WAVES) video as performed by myself & partner (Marina) deals with the experimentation of the scientific aspect of acoustics which include mechanical waves in ambience spaces, liquids, and solids. Ultrasonic & infrasonic sounds caused by vibrations, musical instruments manipulations, and the use of electronic items such as the television, radio waves from mobile devices and electronic treated voices. These methods shown in the video marks an example of how i was trying to reproduce new sounds through merging electronic & acoustic aspects of sounds base. 67SOS#5 is a way of putting this study of mine into a larger scale. I reckon the results produced out of the featured artists, each an “expert” in their own rights of electronic & acoustic sounds, would reveal a great deal of outstanding results concerning Electroacoustic “veneers” of new sounds & music. – Jordan Johari Rais