About Us

Founded in early 2012, the Independent Archive consists of a reference library and a collection of archival material pertaining to art in Singapore. Regular programmes including film screenings, music performances, performance art events, artist talks and discussions stimulate open discourse on art.

The Archive documents visual art practice in general and maintains special focus on ephemeral time-based and event-specific art that may escape documentation by conventional institutional policy. While its geographical focus is Singapore, the Archive’s relationships with artists, artistic communities and institutions around the world situate it as a cosmopolitan nexus for the cross-pollination of ideas.

The Archive constantly develops new trajectories in the articulation of artistic discourse. These emerge through programmes designed to further the examination of art and its issues under the condition of open critique.


Artist Talks & Performances

As the Archive pursues the development of artistic practice in Singapore, it invites both experienced and emerging artists to perform and to speak on its open platform.



The Archive invites artists to conduct workshops that develop technical skill and artistic methodology.


Film Screenings

The Archive screens films related to art and affords a space for budding filmmakers to debut their work for public discussion. Filmmakers are invited to speak about their films.


Music Events

Musicians and underground music groups are similarly invited to test their repertoire in the crucible of the Archive’s social network.


Research Residency & Artist Residency (Under Development)

Its reference library, archival materials and central location makes the Archive a suitable field office from which researchers and artists may launch their examination of art in Singapore.

Researchers and artists will also find that the facilities and social milieu of the Archive provide a working environment conducive to the production of ideas.