Instrument-making Workshop with Rizal Abdulhadi

When: 12 & 13 July, 1pm to 5pm
Where: IARC, 67 Aliwal Street
Entry: $40 at the door will go directly to the artist to defray traveling and accommodation costs.

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With the presence of waste material and noise pollution as an everyday phenomena, Rizal’s project in Singapore lets us listen and eventually, feel the reality of bringing the quiet conversation of lost and found to the necessary dialogue of used and celebrated.

During the course of his stay, he will be collecting ‘junk’, recyclables and organic material from around the city to create sculptural music. His focus is steeped in collaboration and sharing. Using experimental music/sounds and other interrelated forms of art, he reaches out to the art community and beyond with his aural suggestions.

When he encounters misplaced materials of our urban pasts/present scattered about the city, he regards the perplexity of their presence as a state of chaos. ‘These pieces were left out to sit and wait, at times deep within us. They go unnoticed until the day they were picked up and taken to the dumps and slowly decomposing into their surrounding wasteland.’

During this 2-day workshop, participants will be ‘re-making’ musical instruments from junk or recyclable materials and giving life again to our pre-loved human instruments. After the workshop, Rizal will aim to initiate a jamming session, in the spirit of spontaneous musical collaboration. Through this action, his strong emphasis of creating awareness of the forgotten sounds and abandoned items that surround us is clearly portrayed.

Believing that this spontaneous(organic) environment brings forth the desire in us to be mindfully present, he encourages the participant to fully reflect ‘upon the city and how it changes the way people act and represent it with the idea that nature is a city of its own right, a hive of activity, production, pathways, skyscrapers, trees and traffic.’

a) recycled materials – wood / buckets / glass bottles / bamboo / big plastic bottles / plywood / PVC pipes / tins / cans / containers / balloons / cigar boxes / wine crates / kitchen utensils / broken chairs
b) pre-loved instruments / materials – broken guitar / ukulele / bass / violin / cello / broken skateboard / broken surfboard / bicycle parts


Rizal Abdulhadi is a uniquely talented multi-instrumentalist, folk singer and social activist from West Java Indonesia, dedicating his music and struggle for real change towards a more creative Indonesia and the world. His latest project is called “Rasendriya” an instrument he created from bamboo combining guitar with didgeridoo and percussion. His lyrics, performed in both Indonesian and English speak of his travels, adventures, democracy and new opportunities.

Rizal spent over four years traveling and performing at concerts throughout his homeland, Indonesia between 2008-2012. He has since brought his music through Singapore, Malaysia and his latest tour to Australia early this year, bringing with him his new album “Rizal and Rasendriya, Away” featuring his newly invented instrument ‘”Rasendriya” and 5 musicians from Turkey, Czech Republic, Australia and Indonesia.