(Not)Monday Moot: Au Sowyee





Malaysian artist Au Sow Yee will explore thoughts and methodologies of her artistic practices, particularly “The Mengkerang Project”, an ongoing series started from 2013, exploring and questioning not only the ideology of nation state, history, psychological geography of Malaysia, but also the mobility of contemporary practices of moving images, where what is important is not those visible, but invisible images that triggered reconstructions in one owns mind. She will also be speaking about her most recent project under the working title “The Kris Project / If the Party Goes On”. This is a project started off by her interest and personal memories in or related to films by Cathay and Shaw Brothers during the 1950s to 1960s, spanning from the Golden era of Chinese film industry to Malay films in the then Malaya as well as Singapore. She attempts to explore film as a methodology to question underlying histories, unleash phantoms hidden behind, beneath or beyond, and to reconstruct, remapping as well as re-imagine history of the region (Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Taiwan), finding a path to resist historical narrations bounded by ideologies of cold war.

About the artist:

Au Sow Yee was born and grew up in Malaysia. She now lives and works in Taipei, while regularly traveling back and forth between Malaysia and Taiwan. Graduated from Chinese Culture University (Taiwan) majored in theatre arts and attained her M.F.A degree from San Francisco Art Institute (U.S.A) in experimental filmmaking. Her works concentrated mainly in questioning, exploring as well as expanding the relation between images, image making, history, politics and power, through video installation and other mediums. Sow Yee’s recent works focuses on re-imagine history of Malaysia, South-east Asia and its related region from perceptions and ideologies bounded by the Cold War. Meanwhile, she also continues her interest in image making mechanism, creating live cinema performance using self-made mechanism and mechanical film projectors. Sow Yee’s works were exhibited in Singapore Film Festival, official selection of Experimental Film and Video Festival in Seoul (ExiS), Bangkok Experimental Film and Video Festival, Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Centre (U.S.A), New York Squeeky Wheels Video Festival and various other exhibitions and screenings. Her solo exhibition in 2015 Habitation and Elsewhere: Image as Instrument was held in Taipei and Kuala Lumpur, curated by independent curator Guo Jau-Lan. Sow Yee was the co-founder and co-curator for KLEX (Kuala Lumpur Experimental Film and Video Festival) in 2010 and 2011. She is also a multimedia design for theatre performances, and has collaborated with theatre companies in Malaysia, Macau and Taiwan. In 2015, Sow Yee was invited for a 2015-2016 collaboration project by Taipei Contemporary Art Center (Taiwan). Sow Yee is also one of the resident writer for online magazine Promethean Fire Review (Malaysia) and No Man’s Land (Taiwan).



Date: 28 January 2016, Thursday
Time: 7.00 – 9.00pm
Venue: Independent Archive, 67 Aliwal Street, Singapore 199942
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